The twenty-first century in the predictions of Nikola Tesla

The twenty-first century has always seemed to our ancestors to be something mysterious and unusual. There were many predictions about what the beginning of the third millennium will be like. From the height of our days it will be interesting to look at some forecasts. What has come true and what is left only in dreams?

Eighty years ago, on February 9, 1935, an interview with the famous scientist of the time, Nikola Tesla, was published in the American magazine Liberti. The 79-year-old scientist, a native of Croatia, who lived at that time in a hotel in Manhattan, expressed his opinion about the future of humanity.

According to Tesla's forecasts, in the 21st century, hygiene and physical education will be given the utmost attention. And the post of Secretary for Hygiene and Physical Education will be much more important than the post of Minister of Defense. Water pollution will seem unthinkable and the quality of the water used will be strictly controlled. Only crazy people will drink unsterilized water.

The priority in the future will be scientific discoveries, not wars. In the 21st century, civilized countries will spend a maximum of funds on education and a minimum on weapons. Scientific glory will outshine the military one. In newspapers, only a small column on the last page will be devoted to information on rare wars and political debates, while the front pages of editions will print information on new scientific discoveries.

Great changes, according to the scientist, await humanity in the field of nutrition. Coffee, tea and tobacco will no longer be fashionable, although alcohol will still be consumed. Moreover, there will be no ban on the use of these stimulants, people will simply stop poisoning themselves with these harmful elements voluntarily.

The staple food will be honey, milk and wheat. There will be enough food for the entire population of the Earth, including China and India with their huge population. The soil will be fertile throughout the planet, due to its enrichment with nitrogen extracted from the air.

The monotonous work done by humans will be taken over by robots. They will take the place that slave labor occupied in the ancient world. And humanity will free itself for the "realization of higher aspirations."

In the 21st century, the scientific management of natural resources will end such disastrous elements as droughts, fires and floods. Cheap electricity will be produced using water, so there will be no need to burn fuel. Humanity will no longer need to struggle for existence, and the world will develop not in material, but in ideological directions.

This is the kind of future that Nikola Tesla dreamed of. What came true from his predictions, we can see with our own eyes.