Contact lenses of the future

American scientists are developing special contact lenses with a microcircuit integrated into them. This "add-on" will allow contact lenses to magnify images and display various kinds of data on the lens.

Of course, the developers of these electronic contact lenses are still very far from the desired result, but there are already successes in the introduction of microcircuits into contact lenses. Moreover, such that this can already be considered a breakthrough and a passed stage on the way to solving the task.

At the moment, tests of innovative contact lenses (one might say - the contact lenses of the future) are being carried out on rabbits. The developers claim that the experiments carried out confirm the safety of the "contact lenses of the future" for the eyes.

At the moment, scientists are closely working on a power source for these contact lenses. Presumably, these will be solar cells (solar cells) embedded directly into contact lenses.

Perhaps, in the near future, such a lens will be available not only to laboratory rabbits, but also to wide layers of the human population of our planet. And you and I will be able to receive data "right in the eye" like the heroes of science fiction films.