Interesting facts about Einstein

Interestingly, apart from swimming ("the sport that requires the least energy"), Einstein avoided all vigorous activity. He once said, "When I come home from work, I do not want to do anything other than the work of the mind."

Interesting fact, Einstein was a big slob and once put it this way: "When I was young, I learned that the thumb always ends with a hole in the sock, " he once said. "So I stopped wearing socks."

Although he lived in the United States for many years and was completely bilingual, Einstein claimed that he could not write in English.

Einstein was a pipe lover. A lifelong member of the Montreal pipe smokers' club, Einstein said the following: "The pipe contributes to a calm and objective judgment of human affairs."

Fun Fact Einstein hated science fiction. In order not to distort pure science and give people the false illusion of scientific understanding, he recommended complete abstinence from any type of science fiction. "I never think about the future, it will come anyway, " he said.

Einstein loved to relax in his kitchen, playing Mozart's melodies on the violin.

Einstein did not like alcohol. At a press conference on his arrival in New York in 1930, he jokingly said about Prohibition: "I don't drink, so it's still for me."

"All marriages are dangerous, " he once told an interviewer. "Marriage is a failed attempt to make something lasting out of an incident."

Believing that birthdays were for children, his attitude to this can be seen in a letter to his friend Mileva Maric: "My dear beloved ... First, my belated heartfelt congratulations on your yesterday's birthday, which I have forgotten yet time."