Interesting facts about electricity

Electric eels can be shocked with an electric shock of about 500 volts for self-defense and while hunting.

Interesting fact, the world's largest source of energy for power plants is coal. Burning coal in the boiler furnaces heats the water, and the rising steam rotates the turbines of the generators.

Lightning is a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere, reaching tens of thousands of volts.

Electricity plays an important role in human health. Muscle cells in the heart contract and produce electricity. An electrocardiogram (EKG) measures the rhythm of the heart from these impulses.

In the distant 1880s, there was a "war of currents between Thomas Edison (who invented direct current) and Nikola Tesla (who discovered alternating current). Both wanted their systems to be widely used, but alternating current won out, for ease of production, greater efficiency and less danger.

Interestingly, American politician Benjamin Franklin did extensive research on electricity in the 18th century and invented the lightning rod.