Interesting facts about the movie "Mimino"

In 1977 director Georgy Danelia completed work on the film "Mimino". The story of the pilot of local airlines, who went to conquer Moscow, became very popular in the country, and phrases such as, for example, "I want Larisa Ivanovna!" In the first two years, the film received several prizes at prestigious film festivals.

13 interesting facts about Mimino's movie

  1. Evgeny Leonov was one of Georgy Danelia's favorite actors, of course, and this time he was supposed to get a role in a new film. Initially, it was assumed that Evgeny Pavlovich would play a neighbor of Vakhtang Kikabidze in a hotel - an endocrinologist from the city of Sverdlovsk. But, in the course of work on the script, another option appeared - a driver from Armenia.
  2. The director doubted for a long time which of the actors (Leonov or Mkrtchyan) to approve for one of the main roles. in the end, everything was decided by the coin. An impartial lot has shown that the driver Ruben Khachikyan will live in the same room with the pilot from Georgia. And Leonov got the episodic role of Ivan Sergeevich Volokhov.
  3. The working title of the film was Nothing Special. But Danelia unexpectedly announced that he would like to change it to "Mimino", which means "falcon" in Georgian. In the commission, not everyone supported this idea, but the chairman of the State Committee for Cinematography approved the director's decision, saying that this title is more attractive than the pale "Nothing special".
  4. Many spectators, of course, were interested in the question - where is the native village of the pilot Valiko Mizandari? It turns out that there were two such villages at once - Omalo and Shenako. Both are located in Kakheti, a historical region in eastern Georgia. It was in these settlements that the film crew worked.
  5. In the film, pilot Valiko has a four-legged friend - the dog Zarbazan. A dog was brought from Moscow especially for filming, but in the frame it looked unconvincing. I had to look for another candidate. On the street of the Georgian city of Telavi, Danelia saw a small shaggy dog, which he immediately liked. there was not even time to look for his masters. And after filming, it turned out that the dog was homeless. In order not to send Zarbazan back to the street, Valery Gandrabura, the director of the painting, took him with him.
  6. Vakhtang Kikabidze was incredibly popular in his native Georgia. As soon as the rumor spread in Kakheti that the actor had come here to shoot, people from all over the area began to gather in Omalo and Shenako to see their favorite actor. And some even traveled from afar, overcoming great distances on horseback.
  7. Few people know that the famous Soviet actor Bronislav Brondukov starred in the film "Mimino". But, only the most attentive viewer could notice him: at the very beginning of the picture, Brundukov is weighed on the scales in the role of a helicopter passenger. The role, of course, is without words, and it appears on the Brunduk screen only for a few seconds. But, in the credits it is indicated.
  8. The filming geography of the film is quite extensive - apart from the villages of Omalo and Shenako, the filmmakers visited the city of Telavi, then moved to Moscow, where a significant part of the film takes place. And "Abroad", indeed, was filmed abroad - in West Berlin. It is from there that Valiko tries to call his native Telavi, and he, by mistake, is connected to Israel. And in a telephone booth Valiko Mizandari sang, together with his compatriot who emigrated to Israel, the Georgian lullaby "Mushroom Rain".
  9. After the release of the picture on the screens, the whole country sang an uncomplicated song called "Chita-gvrito". The lyrics were written by the poet Peter Gruzinsky, and the music was written by the composer Gia Kancheli. Kancheli himself was not delighted with such popularity, because he has much more serious works, and the whole country recognized him, mainly, as the author of a song about a "small bird".
  10. The author of the words of the song "Chita-gvrito" Petr Petrovich Gruzinsky was a direct descendant of the king of Georgia George XII, moreover, his last descendant in the male line. In 1984, Petr Petrovich was buried in Svetitskhoveli, the cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church, which for many centuries was the burial vault of the Georgian kings.
  11. In Moscow, Valiko and Ruben lived in the Rossiya Hotel, the largest in all of Eastern Europe, and could accommodate more than 5, 000 visitors at the same time. Currently, the hotel does not exist, at the beginning of the 21st century it was decided to demolish it in order to restore its historical appearance to Zaryadye. Thus, thanks to the film "Mimino" the hotel has been preserved for history, in the picture you can see both its exterior and interior layout.
  12. Valiko Mizandari was short-lived as an international pilot. Homesickness turned out to be stronger than the opportunity to see the whole world. Therefore, the last shots of the film "Mimino" are symbolic - a helicopter, tightly chained.
  13. In 2011, in Dilijan, where, according to the plot, the driver Rubik lived, a monument was erected to the three heroes of the film - Mkrtchyan, Kikabidze and Leonov. There is a spring near the monument, because the water in Dilijan, according to Rubik, "takes the second place in the world."