Interesting facts about the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus"

One of the most popular Soviet films turns 50. In the spring of 1967, the picture appeared on the screens of Soviet cinemas. By the way, a lot of interesting facts are connected with the "Caucasian Captive".

The leading actress was not easy to find. There were about 500 applicants in total. We stopped at the 19-year-old circus rope-walker Natalya Varley. True, not everything went smoothly: Natalya coped well with the most difficult tricks, but sometimes she clearly lacked acting skills. By the way, she spoke "an athlete, a Komsomol member and a beauty" in the voice of Nadezhda Rumyantseva, and sang in the film Aida Vedishcheva.

The song about polar bears was not approved immediately. In the original version, it contained the words: "The bears are scratching their backs on the earth's axis." The Arts Council was outraged: “Why are they itching? Do fleas bite them? " The poet Leonid Derbenev had to rewrite the text. It turned out: "bears rub their backs."

With the episode where Vitsin, Nikulin and Morgunov drink beer, problems also began. Georgy Vitsin was a teetotaler, therefore, he refused to use the intoxicated drink. The beer was replaced with rosehip decoction, but there was no foam in it. They offered to throw cotton wool there, but Vitsin refused to drink such a mixture and risked a sip of real beer.

The film's director Leonid Gaidai encouraged improvisation in every possible way. For each trick invented during the filming, the actors received a bottle of champagne. Yuri Nikulin was the most fortunate - 24 bottles. But Vitsin, although he showed no less fantasies, did not accept such gifts - a teetotaler!

Evgeny Morgunov was vaccinated with a huge syringe. Between the legs of Experienced they put a pillow into it, and the orderly stuck a terrible needle into it. Morgunov himself threatenedly warned: "Look, don't miss!"

The tree from which Yuri Nikulin threw nuts is now very popular among tourists. There is even a sign "Nikulinsky nut" on it. By the way, the boulder on which Nina sang is no less famous.

The donkey Lucy, on which Shurik rode famously, turned out to be a real long-liver: 40 years after the "Caucasian Captive" Lucy starred in the film "9th Company".

The path of this picture to the mass audience was not easy. Too many sharp jokes, only one phrase of Goonies: "In the neighboring area, the groom stole a party member" was worth what! But the picture was shown to Leonid Brezhnev. The General Secretary liked the film so much that he immediately gave the green light. Already in the first year, "Prisoner of the Caucasus" was watched by over 76 million viewers.