How Rene Hobua became a "star" of Soviet cinema

In almost all of Georgy Danelia's films, the credits include the actor Rene Hobua. At the same time, none of the spectators can say for sure who this "actor of the invisible front" is playing. And the most interesting thing is that this mysterious Rene Hobua never appeared in Danelia's films. Moreover, he has never been an actor either.

In the late sixties of the last century, Georgy Danelia, together with Rezo Gabriadze, worked on the script for the film "Don't Cry!" In one of the Tbilisi hotels, they met Rene Khobua, a builder from the town of Zugdidi, who had come to the capital of Georgia on a business trip.

The writers had several versions of the plot of the film, therefore, they decided to find out the opinion of an ordinary viewer and invited Hobua as an "expert" to listen to different versions of the script. The poor fellow, who did not understand Russian well, had to sit for several hours and listen to two versions of the future film. When asked which of the scenarios he liked more, Rene Hobois, on reflection, said: "Oriwe (Both)".

This was not the end of the “expert's” torment, he was offered to listen to several scenes that were planned to be added to the script. Hobua began to actively abandon his honorable mission, assuring that he did not understand Russian well and would not be able to give the scriptwriters qualified advice.

Outraged Danelia asked: "If you don't understand, why did you praise?" The builder's answer was short “Such people wrote! How not to praise? " Hobua began to hastily get ready, explaining that he had come to Tbilisi for building materials, an urgent matter, but because of the scriptwriters he could not get an appointment with a high official. And at their home construction site in Zugdidi, hundreds of people are waiting for material.

After Khobua left, Rezo Gabriadze, as compensation for the lost time, offered to include the name of a little-known Georgian builder in the list of actors. Moreover, everything was not limited to one film, the name of Hobua is mentioned in all subsequent films of Danelia. Interestingly, the director himself recalled that only twenty years later, the film's editor Tatyana Egorycheva asked: "Who is Hobua playing here?"

Perhaps it will not be superfluous to recall the films in which the famous actor Rene Hobua was "filmed": "Do not Cry!", "Completely Lost", "Afonya", "Mimino", "Autumn Marathon", "Tears were Falling", "Kin- dza-dza ", " Passport ", " Nastya ", " Heads and Tails ", " Fortune ". Any screen star can envy such a rich track record!