How the Academy Awards got its name

In the 1920s, Hollywood was already called the capital of world cinema. In 1927, several influential Hollywood businessmen made the decision to create the American Film Academy and institute an annual award for the best filmmakers.

Already in May of that year, the opening ceremony of the film academy was held at the Baltimore Hotel. D. Fairbanks spoke to the audience, who outlined the main directions of the new organization's activities. Its main goal was to encourage filmmakers for their contribution to the development of world cinema. The attendees paid $ 100 each in the form of an entrance fee.

In 1928, 12 awards were established in such nominations as "best film", "best director" and others. A year later, in May 1929, a magnificent ceremony of awarding the first laureates took place at the Roosevelt Hotel.

S. Gibbson, director of the Metro-Golvin-Mayer film studio, presented the winners with a gilded statuette. The best film was called "Wings" directed by W. Wellman and screenwriter D. Saunders. They both served in aviation during World War I and created a film about the fate of two American pilots.

The commission named the American J. Geinar and the German E. Jannings as the best actors. The winners were presented with prizes in the form of a gilded bronze statuette, standing on a black marble base and leaning on a sword. The prize was made according to a sketch by sculptor D. Stanley. Moreover, at that time the figure was absolutely nameless.

In 1931, the librarian of the film academy M. Herik, glancing at the statuette, suddenly exclaimed: "Yes, this is my uncle Oscar!" The case is almost anecdotal, but that's how the Academy Award got its name.

At first, the prize was called that as a joke, but already in 1939 the Academy officially recognized this name. Currently, the Oscar statuette has hardly changed since its inception, only its base is made in the form of a film roll. The prize is made of britanium (an alloy of copper and tin), the technology of which is a strict secret of the manufacturer. Covered with "Oscar" gold weighing 24 carats.

Every year the best filmmakers in the world fight for the right to own the Oscar. The film awards ceremony takes place on the third Sunday in March in the Beverly Hills area, with jury members voting according to their profile: actors for actors, directors for directors, etc. But the best film is determined by voting of all members of the jury.

Probably, many of the winners of the film awards do not even imagine that the name of this statuette was given by a modest librarian of the American Film Academy.