The most popular New Year comedy

On January 1, 1976, Eldar Ryazanov's comedy "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath" was released on the screens of Soviet television. I liked the film so much that on February 7 it was repeated at the numerous requests of viewers.

The film is based on the play by E. Braginsky and E. Ryazanov "Enjoy Your Bath or Once on New Year's Eve ..."

Oleg Basilashvili was planned for the role of Ippolit, he even starred in several episodes, but he had to refuse due to the death of his father. Basilashvili was replaced by Yuri Yakovlev. In the film, Nadezhda lifts a photograph of Basilashvili from the snow. This episode did not have time to reshoot, as the snow melted. By the way, the now catchy phrases "What disgusting is this your jellied fish" and "Oh, lukewarm went" were an improvisation by Yuri Yakovlev. The fish was really crappy, and the warm water in the Mosfilm pavilion is a rather rare occurrence.

The filming took place in Moscow, and only a few episodes were filmed in Leningrad. It is interesting that in these cities there is no 3rd street of Builders. Previously, a street with this name was in Moscow, but since 1963 it has been named after Maria Ulyanova.

In Leningrad, the episodes were filmed in February 1975, and the bulk of the film was filmed in Moscow in March. The snow began to melt, and artificial snow had to be used. Snowdrifts were made of paper, and a blizzard was simulated using special equipment.

The role of Nadezhda Sheveleva in this film is played by Polish actress Barbara Brylska, voiced by Valentina Talyzina, and Alla Pugacheva sings for the main character.

According to the script, Zhenya Lukashin lives in Moscow, and Nadya Sheveleva lives in Leningrad. In fact, the distance between their houses is only a few hundred meters. The film filmed two Moscow houses on Vernadsky Avenue. These were houses No. 113 and No. 125.

These houses are famous in our time. The prices for apartments in them are higher than in neighboring houses. Probably, the "star status" of these 16-storey buildings is reflected. In general, at the time of the filming of the film on Third Street, there were no builders either in Moscow or in Leningrad.

The famous scene in the bathhouse, where friends gather before the New Year, was filmed after the May Day holidays. Bath benches and scales were installed under the stairs in one of the Mosfilm corridors.

The success of the film in our country was simply fantastic. In 1976, the magazine "Soviet Screen" recognized "Irony ..." as the best film of the year, and Andrei Myagkov, who plays Zhenya Lukashin, as the best actor. In 1977, director E. Ryazanov, scriptwriter E. Braginsky, cameraman V. Nakhabtsev, composer M. Tariverdiev and actors B. Brylska and A. Myagkov received the USSR State Prize.

By the way, the film is popular not only in our country. In 1992, it was first shown to TV viewers in Taiwan, who also liked it.

But in India in 2013 the film "I love the New Year" was shot. The plot of the film is very similar to our comedy, only the action takes place in Chicago and New York. The Indian filmmakers themselves are silent about borrowing the plot, however, there have been no complaints from Russia either.