Interesting facts about Tom and Jerry

In the late 1930s, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's cartoon division was in decline due to poor distribution of cartoons. Producer and division head Rudolph Aising was looking for a new character for a new project that could compete with Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. On his instructions, animators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera began work on the script for a cartoon about a cat and a mouse. The idea seemed utopian to everyone: by that time there were already plenty of cartoons about eternal enemies, and the next cat and mouse stories seemed uninteresting to anyone. However, these same ones were all wrong: over the 65 years of the existence of Tom and Jerry, 250 cartoons have been shot about them.

The first episode of "Puss Gets The Boot" (the title can be translated as "The cat got a boot in the ass", as it is a play on words: puss in boots - puss in boots, get the bot - to be fired) was released on February 20, 1940. The cat in the first cartoon was named Jasper, and the mouse was named Jinx. They began to be called Tom and Jerry in the second cartoon, but they changed their appearance several times over the years.

Following their success, the Hanna-Barbera duo wrote the screenplay for an additional 113 episodes that were shown in theaters before the screening of feature films until 1958. These issues have received 7 Academy Awards.

After the closure of the animation department of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, starting in the 1960s, the cartoon was created in other studios. However, remakes and television broadcasts of old episodes began to generate more revenue than creating new episodes. The rights are currently owned by Warner Brothers.

The cruelty present in "Tom and Jerry" has been criticized more than once, although Tom died only once during this time, just as Jerry, too, was caught by the cat only once. But Tom's mistress, Mommy-Two-Slipper, was censored. She was originally a black woman. But in 1954, when racial discrimination began to be considered unconstitutional, Tom got a new mistress. Mommy Two Slipper has become Irish, and her bare heels and hands, which are in the frame, have been repainted white. Twelve years later, they got rid of her altogether. By the way, Mommy-Two-Slipper's face is visible only in one episode, and then only because young viewers bombarded the film studio with letters asking to be shown it.

The audience's particular attention was drawn to the smoking of the characters, which, according to them, promotes this bad habit among children. However, this issue was not particularly touched upon until 2006, when the British channel Boomerang began to cut footage of scenes of smoking.

The Cat and the Mouse have been mute characters all their lives. And only in the only full-length animated film “Tom and Jerry. Cinema ”they started talking. The film about how Tom and Jerry became friends in order to save an orphan girl Robin Stralling from an evil and greedy guardian and find her father, whom everyone believed was dead, failed miserably at the box office: the box office was only 3.5 million dollars.

In 2006, Film Score Monthly released the album Tom and Jerry and Tex Avery Too! Volume 1: The 1950s. The two CDs contain music created by Scott Bradley for the Tom and Jerry cartoons and includes a total of 25 songs.

IGN ranked it 66th on the Top 100 Animated Shows list. In 2000, Time magazine named Tom and Jerry as one of the greatest television shows of all time.