Interesting facts about the painting Mona Lisa

Most connoisseurs believe that Leonardo da Vinci portrayed Lisa Gherardini, born in 1479, in his painting. The wife of a silk merchant from Florence, Francesco del Giocondo (hence the second name of the painting Gioconda) was 24 years old and had two sons when she posed for the portrait. But why the great painter chose her is a mystery. Although there is another version that Leonardo in his painting depicted himself in a female incarnation. And the title of the picture sounds right, like Mona Lisa or "My Lady" from Italian.

It took Da Vinci almost four years to paint this portrait. Mona Lisa has no eyebrows, and there is an opinion that Leonardo, being a complete perfectionist, wanted to redo the unsuccessful eyebrows and erased them, but the artist did not get his hands on drawing them again.

In 1956, a man named Ugo Ungatza threw a stone at the canvas, causing a slight damage to the paint next to the Mona Lisa's left elbow.

Interesting fact, Mona Lisa lives in her own room in the Louvre in Paris and is protected by bulletproof glass and a special microclimate that protects her from the harmful effects of the external environment. This room was built specifically for the painting and cost the museum over seven million dollars.

Extensive recent research shows that there are three different versions of the Mona Lisa on the same canvas, but in different layers. Apparently the artist redrawn his creation several times.

This work is unsurpassed in part because it was stolen from the Louvre in Paris in broad daylight by an employee in 1911. And they found her only two years later. Interestingly that Mona Lisa is considered invaluable and therefore cannot be insured.