Interesting facts about the Tsar Bell

The Tsar Bell holds the first place in the world. But not everyone knows that the current bell is not the first casting of Russian masters, that it has its own “ancestors”.

The first bell was cast for one of the Kremlin bell towers at the beginning of the 17th century by order of Boris Godunov. It weighed 35 tons and crashed during one of the Moscow fires.

In 1654, the bell was poured, increasing its weight to 128 tons. The bell was raised on the bell tower and rang until 1701. It took 100 people to set the bell tongue in motion. And this bell broke during the fire of 1701.

In 1733-1735. Motorina's father and son re-cast the bell and brought its weight to 200 tons. Even before climbing the bell tower, during a fire, a piece weighing 11, 5 tons separated from it. The Tsar Bell lay in the ground for almost 100 years, and in 1836 it was raised and installed on a pedestal in the Kremlin as a monument to the great art of Russian foundry masters