Interesting facts about eggnog

The history of the emergence of this cocktail is rather unusual. Its name comes from the Low German expression Kuddel-muddel. It is believed that the mogul was invented by the confectioner Manfred Keukenbauer during experiments on the preservation of sweets, and the patent for its mass production was acquired by one well-known food concern for one and a half million marks.

At the same time, there is a legend that says that more than a hundred years ago this drink was invented by the cantor of the synagogue Gogel from Mogilev, who lost his job due to the loss of his voice. In search of a remedy that could return his voice, Gogel came up with a recipe, which was as follows: "take a cheese egg and sprinkle it in a mug, crush the bread, salt and shake it." At this time, the poor deacon had a notable culinary rival from Bolshaya Svorotvi - the young Countess Pototskaya. The fragile and absurd lady Bronislava loved to surprise the eminent guests with a new romance, but her voice often treacherously broke. Hearing about the miraculous dish, she immediately ordered it to be cooked. However, to replace bread with honey, and renamed it from "gogel-grave" to "gogol-mogul".

Eggnog is a vivid example of the fact that tasty can be useful. This excellent remedy is recommended for medicinal purposes for sore throat, hoarseness, loss of voice.

The easiest recipe for eggnog: recommends beating a couple of egg yolks with sugar and taking two teaspoons on an empty stomach in the morning. But nowadays, eggnog has become quite widespread, and you can cook it in different ways.

Honey mogul is also very helpful if your throat hurts, of course, when you are not allergic to honey, lemon and orange juice. So, beat the yolk, add two cups of hot milk and six tablespoons of honey, then two tablespoons of orange or lemon juice, all this needs to be warmed up a little and add the protein, whipped with sugar; taken on an empty stomach.

Children's eggnog-mogul was also prepared by Aibolit in Chukovsky's fairy tale, and not a single kid will refuse this delicacy. And if the throat is hoarse or a sore throat has crept up, then this drink will become just a lifesaver for those children who do not like drugs. Only, please, when offering it to your child, remember if your baby is allergic to egg yolk. If not, then feel free to give him this delicacy: in addition to the healing effect, the cocktail will cheer up the baby, and if you also offer him cookies and a good bedtime story, then the disease will run away without looking back.

To prepare, grind the yolks with sugar, add melted butter and a little cocoa, beat the resulting mass well with a mixer.

Fruit Eggnog can be prepared with the addition of fruit juice (cherry, apple, pomegranate, currant, orange, apricot). Beat two yolks with a mixer, add a pinch of salt, three tablespoons of sugar and half a glass of juice, while still stirring, add two glasses of cold milk and half a glass of ice water, then add the protein whipped to a cool foam and sprinkle with grated nuts. So we got a cocktail that you can drink through a straw.

Polish-style mogul is prepared with the addition of strawberries or raspberries with drops of lemon juice. First, you should wipe the yolks with sugar, and beat the whites into a fluffy foam. In Polish the name of this cocktail sounds like "kogel-mogel".

Coffee mogul is prepared at the rate of one egg per four coffee cups. Beat the protein with a mixer, and grind the yolk with sugar. Pour warm milk into the bottom of the cup, and then the freshly brewed ground coffee, add a little yolk on top, and then, in the center, the protein. At the same time, you need to drink this drink from a cup without stirring.

Alcoholic mogul served in bars is more intended for the female half of the visitors, as it turns out to be too sweet, but I think sweet-tooth men will like it too. To prepare it, mix yolk, cream, sugar syrup, ice with rum (wine, cognac, brandy, whiskey), then filtered and served in a tall glass with nutmeg crumbs.

Eggnog "in Dutch" is called "Advocate", and it is prepared with the addition of cognac as follows. First, beat the yolk with salt and sugar until a thick lemon-colored mixture forms, then add brandy and put this mass in a water bath. The cocktail is prepared over low heat, stirring gently, the main thing is not to overheat, the drink should be warm, not hot. After removing from the water bath, add the vanilla, and then make a "cap" of cream. And thus, the cocktail turns into a dessert that is not drunk, but eaten with a spoon.

An ancient recipe nowadays has acquired a sweet color and a spicy smell, and you can prepare a cocktail for any reason, and I wish you never lose your voice, and drink this cocktail only for the purpose of diversifying the menu and raising the mood.