Interesting facts about chupa chups

The name of the most famous lollipops in the world, Chupa Chups, comes from the Spanish verb chupar, which means "to suck."

The idea for the production of Chupa Chups came from the Spaniard Enrique Bernat, the founder of the company, when he saw the mother scolding the child for his dirty hands with melted sweets. The sweets of that time were too large for children, so they often stained clothes with sticky hands. From this moment the history of the Chupa Chups company begins.

Seeing the problem as new market opportunities, Bernat, who was then running a gummy factory, offered investors to make lollipops, but received no support. Soon Bernat, fully convinced of the potential of the idea, was left alone, completely bought out the factory and in 1958 renamed it Chupa Chups. The candy was originally called "Gol". And they got their current name thanks to their own advertising song, which instantly became popular among children: “Chupa, chupa, chupa Chups”. Coming to the store, the children began to ask for Chupa-Chups, so the candy had to be renamed to avoid confusion.

By the way, Bernt was the first to come up with a new commercial move, he put forward a requirement for stores to put up candy canes for sale in the checkout area at a height accessible to children's hands, and not on the shelves behind the counter, as was customary at the time. Interestingly, the first lollipops were on a metal fork, and only a few years later they began to be produced on a wooden stick.

In 1961, Enrique Bernat asked his fellow countryman, the famous artist Salvador Dali, to draw something memorable. The brilliant artist did not think long and in less than an hour he sketched a picture for him, where the Chupa Chups chamomile was depicted, which, in a slightly modified form, is now recognizable as the Chupa Chups logo in all corners of the planet.

The first slogan was “És rodó i dura molt, Chupa Chups”, which can be translated from Catalan as “It is round and long”. The involvement of Salvador Dali in the development of the logo cost the company a large sum, which was easily covered by income and popularity.

Do you know that Chupa Chups became the first candy that flew into space: in 1995, it visited the MIR orbital station.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Chupa Chups has released the largest Chupa Chups in the world - Chupa Chups Mega. Such a giant weighs 725 grams, which is equivalent to 60 classic "Chupa Chups".

Since 2006, Chupa Chups has been completely acquired by the Italian-Dutch concern Perfetti Van Melle, which produces confectionery and chewing gum (one of the famous products is mentos).