Today there is a huge number of exotic drinks with their own traditions of production and consumption. Among tea lovers they are called "non-tea teas". In the brewing of these drinks, not tea leaves are used, but bark, flowers, roots. Just about any herb that is useful can be dried and brewed. Besides the taste, these brews contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Today, some types of such drinks have become more popular and loved.

Hibiscus or Sudanese rose petals (hibiscus) is one of the popular drinks. Has a sour taste. It is drunk both hot and cold. It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-aging effects. The drink is also useful for problems with blood vessels. Helps to improve the general condition of the body.

Mate is light green in color and consists of leaf debris. From too long infusion, the mate begins to taste bitter. Drink it immediately after pouring hot water. The taste changes during drinking. This tea acts as a mild stimulant on mental and physical activity of a person, improves digestive activity, normalizes blood pressure.

Coca leaf tea - has a pleasant taste and tonic effect. has a whole range of medicinal properties: digestive, antiseptic. Good for gastritis, for the prevention of diarrhea, helps with arthritis, relieves hangovers.

Ginger tea is healthy, rich, colorful and aromatic. Accelerates metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins. General well-being improves and a person's weight is normalized. In addition, this drink helps to increase appetite and improve the quality of intimate life.

Herbal teas are one of the fortified ways to keep warm in winter. An excellent and aromatic tea can be prepared from a variety of useful herbs: linden, mint, rose hips, roses. Thyme tea is recommended for flu, kidney disease, insomnia, migraine. From chamomile - for heart problems. It also has antimicrobial action. Rosehip - strengthens the immune system. Rich in vitamin C. Clover tea - recommended for cough (with honey), for the liver. From a rosebud - to strengthen the immune system. if you brew a millennial - a good healer for gastritis. Linden - lowers blood pressure, prevents colds.

Life is too short to limit yourself to just one type of tea, because there are still a number of delicious and healthy drinks.

Drink tea and enjoy life.