What to eat for breakfast

Breakfast is the most necessary and important part of our daily diet. Studies show that eating in the morning promotes improved brain function, concentration, vigor, mood and sociability of a person.

And a properly composed and timely breakfast is ideal for those who do not want to suffer from problem digestion and excess weight. Each of us has his own approach to the design of our morning awakening procedure, satiety and further daily routine.

In the best case, before we completely delve into the hustle and bustle of the coming day, in a hurry and on the go, we manage to feed ourselves a sandwich and drink it all down with a cup of fragrant and invigorating coffee. Of course, if we have more time and desire, we manage to make ourselves oatmeal or fry eggs and sausage, and then we drink impossibly hot tea, eating sugar cookies.

All options are appetizing and satisfying enough, but not all are good and healthy for the body. During the height of the working day, blood glucose levels drop dramatically. The body feels a lack of carbohydrates, which are expressed in the desire to eat something sweet, just at the moment when it should not be done. And when the stomach does not know what to do with a set of incompatible foods, it tries to assimilate them by any means, spending all its strength on it. It is not surprising that there is no energy left for work and creativity.

Unfortunately, in this way, most people eat breakfast, and then have to pay for it: beauty, health, money. There are people who cannot have breakfast, then you should not shove food into yourself, in this case, you can limit yourself to a glass of juice or yogurt.

However, most people need breakfast. In order for the body to feel comfortable, and you yourself - vigorously and actively, it is best to include cereals, boiled meat, fresh vegetables and a slice of black bread in the morning diet.

You can also boil a couple of eggs, a slice of cheese and a glass of milk.

There is an opinion that in the morning you need to saturate the body with sweeter foods. Here the fruit salads option fits perfectly, which can be seasoned with yogurt, honey or lemon juice.

Still, one of the options, a suitable and nutritious breakfast, green coffee or natural coffee brewed in a Turk, with a portion of oatmeal cookies or buns that can be eaten with jam or honey.

The final option for any breakfast is to eat half a cup of fresh (seasonal) berries.

Eat in the morning and saturate the body with strength and energy.

Don't forget breakfast is very important!