What is a teapot and why does a teapot need a cover

Despite the name , the tea woman is not at all a woman driving teas, but just a quilted nozzle made of wool or a fabric stuffed with cotton wool, put on a teapot to keep the temperature of the tea. The women were especially popular in the 19th century. Nowadays, they are more often used as a decorative element of the kitchen interior.

The English version of the teapot cover called tea-cozy was invented in the 16th century and is still in demand. After all, the British sacredly honor the traditions of tea drinking.

The name "tea woman", or simply "baba" comes from the original form of the nozzle - a female rag doll in a sundress. Later, various options for attachments in the form of animals, fairy-tale heroes, etc. appeared. In the European tea tradition, women in the form of hats and covers for a teapot are most common. Often, heating pads were a masterpiece of needlework and were the pride of every good housewife. Warmers for teapots were given to friends for various holidays.

In Central Asia and other countries of the East, they do without a tea woman, since tea is brewed immediately in a large teapot.