Interesting facts about sugar

Each of us meets and uses sugar every day, but not many people know about its properties, origin and its substitutes:

- If you consume an excessive amount of sugar, it can lead to the appearance of wrinkles due to the fact that sugar is stored in the collagen of the skin, making it less elastic. The good news is that if you reduce your sugar intake, this process is reversed;

- In India, about 2000 years ago, crystal sugar was made from cane. When Alexander the Great reached Indian territory, he was surprised by the process of obtaining honey without the use of bees (that is, artificial honey from sugar);

- In 1747, the German chemist Andreas Marggraf discovered that the sugar in sugar beet is identical to that in sugar cane. This discovery opened the way for the production of sugar in the northern regions - the first sugar factory, producing sugar from beets, began work in 1802;

- Can you eat 16 sugar cubes in one sitting? Do you know that 500 ml of Coca-Cola contains the equivalent of 16 cubes of sugar, and when consumed, all this sugar in dissolved form goes into your stomach;

- Drinks that use synthetic sweeteners (not natural sugar) can lead to obesity, since the lack of sugar in them “tricks” our body into absorbing more drinks;

- Artificial sweeteners - aspartame (E951) and saccharin - were obtained by accident. The first in the process of oxidation of 2-toluenesulfonamide, and the second in the course of experiments to obtain a cure for ulcers. Scientist James Schlatter accidentally dipped his finger into the resulting substance, and licking it, found that it was sweet;

- The strongest sugar substitute is lugduname, which is almost 300, 000 times sweeter than sugar. This means that in order to sweeten, for example, a cup of tea, instead of two teaspoons of regular sugar (about 10 g), one crystal of this wonderful substance (30 ppm of a gram) is enough. A pound bag of lugdunam can sweeten an entire 10-lane Olympic pool;

- One of the types of sugar - glycolic aldehyde was found even in the clusters of interstellar dust billions of kilometers from our planet. When it reacts with other types of sugar, ribose is formed - the basis of DNA and RNA, substances that are in any living organism. Two assumptions can be made from this. First, life on Earth could have arisen precisely when the components of such a dust cloud interacted, and second, perhaps life exists not only on Earth;

- If you mix glucose, corn syrup and saltpeter, you get one of the types of rocket fuel that is used by fans of model rocketry;

- An interesting pill drug called Obecalp is being produced in the United States. Its main component is sugar, and such tablets are prescribed to children with minor health complaints. What is the peculiarity of this medicine? Read the title in reverse;

- Glycosamide (a type of sugar) works as an immunosuppressant in mice, and xylitol (a sugar alcohol) can prevent infections in children.