Interesting facts about sushi

Sushi is hugely popular in the United States and other countries in the West. Interesting Fact Although it is often believed to be the homeland of sushi in Japan, sushi was first made in China in the seventh century.

The sushi that is popular today is very different from its original form. Fresh fish fillets were stored between sheets of salt under pressure for several months. After that, the fish was covered with rice dipped in soy sauce, and allowed to brew for several days until a little sweet. After that, the rice was thrown away, and the soaked fish was served.

The Japanese transformed sushi into the kind we are used to in the seventeenth century. They stopped throwing away rice and used it as a sushi filling. Soon, this dish gained immense popularity and became the Japanese equivalent of fast food.

Interesting fact, in order to speed up the preparation of sushi, rice was replaced with rice vinegar, and seaweed and other ingredients were added as a filling.