Interesting facts about the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is the foundation of all mankind. Ancient civilizations were born on its coasts, which laid the foundation for the further development of mankind. In terms of area, it is comparable to Western Europe. The color of the Mediterranean waters is amazing, and fishing in these waters is a special pleasure.

16 interesting facts about the Mediterranean

  1. The name Mediterranean Sea was invented by the ancient writer Gaius Julius Solin, based on the ideas of his time, since the ancient European and North African civilizations developed in the basin of this particular sea, which served as a natural route of communication between them.
  2. The length of this sea from west to east is about 3700 km, and from north to south is 1600 km.
  3. The Mediterranean Sea is bordered by Africa, Europe and Asia and is connected to the Atlantic only through the Strait of Gibraltar. The Suez Canal connects it with the Red Sea, and the Bosphorus Strait with the Black Sea.
  4. The Mediterranean owes its current position to the remains of the ancient Tesis Ocean, which once stretched across Europe, Asia and North Africa. Scientists believe that it was in the Mediterranean that the first intelligent civilizations were born, in which the first writing was founded, states and religions were formed.
  5. In the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Messina, sailors are often greeted by a mirage called Fata Morgana. It occurs with varying degrees of heating of individual layers of the atmosphere;
  6. The creation of the Suez Canal, which connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas, has led to the fact that many new species of animals have poured through the canal, which have taken root and thrive in the Mediterranean Sea.
  7. The Mediterranean Sea is washed by the coast of 21 states: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey;
  8. At the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy, the largest concentration of microplastics found in the seas. Here, one square meter of the bottom accounts for up to 1.9 million plastic particles, mainly synthetic fibers and small pieces of larger plastic objects. Microplastic accumulates in different parts of the sea due to the fast currents.
  9. In Turkey, the local population calls the Mediterranean "Ak Deniz" or White. Due to the milky white haze on the horizon, which is visible in any weather.
  10. Because of the large number of tribes that lived on the shores of the Mediterranean in ancient times, it was called "Our Sea".
  11. The area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea is 2, 500, 000 km2. This is more than countries like England and Sweden.
  12. The deepest point is more than 5 thousand meters deep (5267), which is located in the Gellén Deep Trench at the southern tip of Greece.
  13. The length of the coastline reaches 45 thousand kilometers. This exceeds the length of the coast of Africa.
  14. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the planet's main shipping arteries. It plays an important role in the economies of coastal countries.
  15. The fauna of the Mediterranean is sometimes striking in its scale. More than 500 species of fish live in the water column;
  16. This sea is mentioned in the Bible writings.