Keimada Grande is the most dangerous island in the world

Man is the king of nature. At least people themselves consider themselves as such. But 35 kilometers from the coast of Brazil is the unusual island of Keimada Grande. And it is unusual in that snakes are the rightful owners on it. Moreover, these reptiles survived from here people. And those who dare to visit this island have every chance to say goodbye to life.

The area of ​​the island is small - only 0.4 square kilometers. The Brazilian authorities have introduced a ban on visiting this deadly piece of land, however, there are not many who want to walk around the island without bans. There is a lighthouse on the island, previously it was served by a caretaker who lived on Keimada Grande with his family.

Once people saw with horror that snakes had crawled into their house, tried to escape, but failed, all died from snake bites. The lighthouse is still active today, but it has been taken offline. There were no more people willing to settle on the island.

There is also a popular legend about a fisherman who got hungry and decided to moor to the island to collect bananas. He did not have time to get to the bananas, the poor fellow was found dead in the boat. He died, like the caretaker's family, from snake bites.

The snakes drove not only people out of here. There are no animals on the island. Frogs, lizards and insects are also almost completely destroyed. The main food of snakes nowadays is birds, which have the imprudence to land on the island. Some birds even manage to build nests here, but, most often, eggs or chicks also become snake prey.

The greatest danger among local snakes is the island botrops, which belongs to the family of vipers. The length of this extremely dangerous reptile can reach one meter. The body is yellowish to light brown with dark square or triangular spots. Interestingly, outside of Keimada Grande, island botrops is practically not found. That is why, this species of snakes is classified as rare, and included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Doctors say that the likelihood of death after being bitten by an island botrops is extremely high. Moreover, this is even in the case of timely medical assistance. And if there were no doctors nearby, the victim is almost inevitably doomed to death. Victims die from cerebral hemorrhage or kidney failure.

It is impossible to name, even approximate, the number of snakes on this island. After people left this scary place, reptiles breed here exponentially. Some even claim that there are up to five snakes for every square meter of land. It's hard to say whether this is true or not.

However, one should not think that people do not visit Keymada Grande at all. Daredevils are still there. What attracts them here, despite the mortal danger? Serpentologist scientists receive official permission for scientific observation. But the bulk of the visitors are illegal. They are sure that it is relatively safe to be on the shore, as snakes are found only in the wooded part of the island.

In addition, for many profit lovers, island botrops is a welcome trophy, as it is highly regarded on the black market. There are also treasure hunters who are sure that pirates have buried untold treasures on the island, and have launched hordes of snakes to guard their treasures.