Interesting places for jokes of the time

Date line (DTL) - a conditional line that runs in the Pacific Ocean along the 180th meridian. Crossing the LPD from west to east, you can go back 24 hours - to “yesterday”, and when moving from east to west, you can get a day ahead - to “tomorrow”. The "present" is ephemeral here, like nowhere else on the planet.

China is one of the longest countries in the world: 5700 km from west to east. Before the 1949 revolution, the state was divided into five time zones. But the Great Helmsman decided that it smacked of separatism, and introduced a single time throughout the vast country - Peking. Therefore, for example, in Tibet, sunsets are “late” by five hours: the sun sets at midnight.

Afghan-Chinese border - when crossing this border, the clock must be set immediately 3, 5 hours ahead. There is no other place in the world where one step would take so long.

Himalayas - The Himalayan mountain range is not for nothing considered a mystical place. This point of view is shared not only by enlightened sages and philosophers, but also by ordinary geographers. The Himalayas cross several countries at different times. As a result, a traveler who decides to walk all 1000 km along this ridge will have to set the clock six times: on the Indo-Nepalese border - 15 minutes ahead, on the Nepal-Indian border - 15 minutes ago, on the Indo-Chinese border - by 2.5 hours forward, in Sino-Bhutan - 2 hours ago, in Bhutan-Indian - half an hour ago, and in Indo-Myanmar - an hour ahead.

Japan - it is believed that the Japanese are the first to meet the dawn of a new day on Earth - that is why Japan is called the Land of the Rising Sun. And completely in vain. In the city of Vladivostok (Russian Primorye), GMT morning comes one hour earlier than in Tokyo.

The islands of Ratmanov (Russia) and Kruzenstern (USA) - these two pieces of land are separated by only four kilometers of the sea. On a regular motor boat, this distance can be covered in 15-20 minutes. But it was not there. By Greenwich, the islands are exactly 21 hours apart: if on Ratmanov Island, let's say, it's noon Thursday, then on Krusenstern Island - it's three in the afternoon on Wednesday.

India - this country chose for itself 5 and a half hours of difference from Greenwich. The British know: "If you are in England, turn the clock upside down and you will see what time it is in India."

Rayakoski - in this small village, which is located on the border of Finland, Norway and Russia, there are three time zones at once: when it is noon in Russia, in Finland - 11 a.m., and in Norway - 10.

Nepal - a small but proud state for many centuries tried to separate from India, which surrounds it on three sides. To emphasize its independence, Nepal first "separated" from the formidable neighbor by time: the arrows moved 10 minutes ahead. But this seemed not enough, and in 1986 the arrogant Nepalese monarchy moved away from India for another 5 minutes.