Interesting facts about the Volga river

Interesting facts "Geography" Interesting facts about the Volga river

The Volga River under the name Ra was already known to ancient geographers, who, however, did not have an accurate idea of ​​it. Herodotus took her for Arake. Ptolemy believed that it had two mouths: one in the Caspian Sea, the other in the Azov Sea: he considered the Volga and Don as one river. Among the Arab writers, the Volga was known under the name Itil, which means "river". Western medieval writers call it the Volga, Etemia, Erdil, and Ra. The Mordovians called it Pay, the Cheremis - Iul, the Tatars - Idel.

The Volga is the largest river in Europe, it stretches for almost 3, 700 kilometers.