States that are not on the map

Once upon a time, Soviet schoolchildren read the book "Conduit and Schvambrania" by Lev Abramovich Kassil. This virtual country was discovered by the author and his younger brother on February 8, 1914, when the boys were serving their sentences in a corner for the loss of their father's chess piece. In their childhood dreams, the "rulers" of Schwambrania inhabited it with fictitious inhabitants, fought with neighboring, similarly virtual, countries. In general, they were active in government activities. But, in the modern world, there are a huge number of states that cannot be found on any map.

On September 2, 1967, a retired British major Roy Bates declared himself ruler of the Sealand principality, located on an offshore platform in the North Sea. Bates proclaimed himself Prince Roy I Bates, and gave his wife the title of Princess John I.

Despite the fact that the territory of this unrecognized state was only 0, 004 square kilometers, it adopted its own constitution, had a coat of arms, anthem and even printed its own postage stamps and local currency, which was called the Sealand dollar.

Once upon a time, the Italian village of Seborga was an independent feudal principality. But, independence was lost back in 1729. Years passed, and in 1963 the inhabitants of Seborga suddenly remembered that the entry into Italy had never been legally formalized. And they proclaimed independence. The Italian authorities did not react to this decision in any way, but the number of tourists in Seborga increased sharply.

The writer Ernest Hemingway is known all over the world. But probably few have heard of his younger brother Leicester. And he, by the way, is the founder of a state called New Atlantis. It is located six miles from Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. This small island of Leicester Hemingway visited in 1964 and announced the creation of an independent state here. Well, of course, he appointed himself president. Hemingway sent the stamps of New Atlantis as a gift to the President of the United States. Leicester was very proud of the return letter, as it was addressed to the "President of New Atlantis."

The tiny state of Uzupis is located in the old quarter of Vilnius. It was founded in 1997 by local cultural figures. Despite its small territory and lack of the status of a recognized state, Uzupis has its own army, consisting of 12 people, as well as ambassadors in several countries of the world. It has its own anthem, currency. Independence Day is celebrated annually on April 1.

The entire territory of the state of Kugelmugel was only 7, 68 square meters in diameter, since this country was located in a single round building in Austria. It all began with the fact that the local artist Edwin Lipburger was denied permission to build a round house, since this form is prohibited by the building code. Then the restless artist announced that this house is the independent Republic of Kugelmugel. And he even refused to pay taxes to the Austrian treasury. For which he almost ended up in jail. He was saved only by the personal intervention of the President of Austria.

In accordance with the international convention on Antarctica, this continent cannot belong to any of the states in the world, only scientific activities are allowed here. But, there are a huge number of virtual countries on the territory of the Ice Continent. The first of them appeared on November 2, 2001, it was called the Grand Duchy of Westarctica, and Travis McHenry became its founder. His example turned out to be contagious, soon other virtual states were formed on the territory of Antarctica: the Federated States of Antarctica, the Republic of Mary, the Kingdom of Fininsmund and so on. In 2008, the Antarctic Microstate Union was even created.

One of the owners of such an unrecognized state is the famous Russian "treasure hunter" Yuri Kharchuk. He announced the creation of the Principality of the Russian treasure hunter Yuri Kharchuk on March 14, 2002. According to Kharchuk's statement, his Principality is "permanently occupied territory of the mainland".

The state has the form of a quadrangle formed "on the one side - 90th degree of longitude, on the second side - 95th longitude, on the third side - 80th degree of latitude, on the fourth side - the continental border of the Antarctic continent." At the same time, the "Mir" station located here with the adjacent territory and the islands of Victory and Drygalsky are not part of the Principality.

But it seems that on our planet the owners of virtual states are already getting cramped. Therefore, in 1980, Dennis Hope from the United States announced that he intends to privatize the moon. Referring, at the same time, to American laws, according to which the owner of the no-man's territory becomes the one who first announced this. Moreover, Hope not only appropriated an entire planet for himself, but even began to sell plots on it. At a fairly low price. For $ 99, you can buy as much as 72 hectares.