Interesting facts about the borders of states

With the emergence of the first states, borders appeared that established their territory. In Russian, the term "border" begins to be mentioned in the documents of the XIV century. The treaty between Novgorod and the Livonian Order in 1323 states: "so that everyone will have his border, as it was from olden times."

8 interesting facts about state borders

  1. The Bidasoa River flows along the border between Spain and France. And not the river is the island of Fazanov, the area of ​​which is small - 0, 00682 km ². Since 1659, the island has been jointly owned by these countries. Six months of the year it belongs to Spain, the other six months to France. There are no conflicts over the Pheasant Island, since it is completely tiny and uninhabited.
  2. The highest border in the world runs along the summit of Mount Everest. It separates two neighboring states - China and Nepal. The wind speed here reaches 200 kilometers per hour, and the air temperature can drop to 60 degrees below zero.
  3. Barle is divided between Belgium and the Netherlands. The borders between states pass not only through the streets, but also through individual houses and establishments. For example, in
  4. In the Netherlands, restaurants have to close early, so their owners have found a way out - they are opening a restaurant right on the border. At the set hour, visitors simply transfer to the "Belgian" territory, and there are no problems with the law.
  5. On the border between Egypt and Sudan, there is an area of ​​2, 000 square kilometers that no one claims. This place is called Bir-Tavil - "long spring". By the way, this very source has long since dried up. Neither state recognizes Bir-Tavil as its territory. True, there are those who wish to declare Bir-Tavil their property. For example, in 2014, American Jeremy Heaton got here with a camel caravan and hoisted a makeshift flag, announcing that the Kingdom of North Sudan would now be located here. And Heaton appointed his daughter the queen of the new "state".
  6. The total length of the land borders of the Russian Federation is 14, 500 kilometers. About half of this distance falls on the border with one state - Kazakhstan. And Kazakhstan is the largest state in the world that does not have access to the World Ocean.
  7. State borders changed quite often. What can not be said about Portugal, this state has been within its modern borders for almost eight centuries - since 1249. By the way, Portugal has a land border with only one state - Spain. You can cross the border between Spain and Portugal in an unusual way - by cable car. A steel cable, 720 meters long, connects two neighboring states. This distance can be covered in just one minute, paying 15 euros for such a pleasure. Moreover, in this minute the traveler crosses the time zone, the time difference between Spain and Portugal is one hour.
  8. There is a golf course on the border between Sweden and Finland. The number of holes is divided fairly - 9 pieces in each state. The Tornio River flows through the field, it also separates the borders of the countries.