Where is the state of Nauru

It is not easy to find this dwarf state on the world map - the Republic of Nauru is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean on an island with an area of ​​just over 21 square kilometers. And the population of the island of Nauru is 11, 500 people. This state is quite young, the independence of the island was proclaimed only half a century ago - in 1968. It should also be noted that this is one of the smallest independent republics on our planet.

Interestingly, there is no official capital in Nauru, the State Parliament sits in the Yaren district, which has a population of only 820 people. The only international airport on the island is also located here. In addition, there is a railway with a length of 4 kilometers.

There are no freshwater rivers on the island of Nauru, which creates great problems for the population. We have to import fresh water by tankers from Australia. Also, the local population collects water during the rains.

Once the island had huge reserves of phosphorites, their mining and export were the main source of income for the country, and the standard of living of the islanders was one of the highest in the world. But, at present, the deposits are depleted, the state's external debt began to grow rapidly. And every nine out of ten residents of the country were unemployed.

There are even several traffic lights on the island. By the way, they have an unusual purpose: the red light turns on only so that car traffic stops, and the plane can make a safe landing.

Almost 90% of Nauru's residents are overweight, and one in three of them suffers from diabetes. All these are the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle: in the "well-fed" times, when huge incomes went to the island's budget, the Nauruans ate very well and did not move much. What they probably regret now.

The first inhabitants appeared on the island three thousand years ago. But the Europeans did not know anything about Nauru until the end of the 18th century. Only in 1798, the expedition of the English explorer John Firn visited here. At that time, 12 tribes lived here. Later, this fact was reflected on the flag of the state of Nauru, which depicts a twelve-pointed star.

The most popular sport in Nauru is weightlifting. This is one of the few sports disciplines in which the athletes of the island of Nauru have achieved success in the international arena. Even the country's president, Stephen Marcus, is a former weightlifter. Moreover, a high level. In 1999, he won a silver medal at the World Championships.

The island of Nauru is not very popular with tourists: no more than 200-300 foreign visitors come here annually. Affected by the weak infrastructure and the lack of attractions that could interest tourists.

In 1967, three Volkswagen cars were sold on the island, while only one a year earlier. The manufacturing company decided to use this fact for advertising purposes, claiming that the volume of car sales on the island has tripled!