Interesting facts about the tiny state of San Marino

The small country called San Marino cannot be reached by train or plane due to the fact that there is no railway or airport. The small town of Borgo Maggiore has the only heliport in the country, but it is intended, as the name implies, to serve exclusively helicopters. Therefore, most of the tourists arrive in San Marino by road. And this country is amazing, here are just some interesting facts about the tiny state.

The territory of San Marino is just over 60 square kilometers, and is home to about 30 00 inhabitants. On all sides, this state is surrounded by Italy.

San Marino can be called one of the oldest states in Europe. As early as 301 AD, the stonemason Marin arrived here from the island of Rab, who was a Christian and fled here to Mount Titano, hiding from persecution for his beliefs.

Later, Marin was canonized, and the day of his memory, September 3, is celebrated in the country as a public holiday. Saint Marin is considered the founder and patron saint of the state of San Marino.

There are only two states in Europe that are smaller than San Marino. These are the Vatican and Monaco.

San Marino even has its own army. True, its numbers can bring a smile: the permanent contingent numbers from 75 to 100 people. The servicemen are mainly engaged in participating in national holidays and meeting foreign delegations.

We live in the 21st century, this is an obvious fact for us. But in San Marino it is still only the eighteenth century. This is due to the fact that the country has its own chronology, which dates back to the creation of the state - from 301.

If the country's own population is only 30, 000 inhabitants, then up to 3, 000, 000 tourists come here annually. It is easy to calculate that there are 100 times more of them than the locals.

By the way, it is tourism that is the main item in the state budget replenishment. In addition, San Marino earns a good income from the sale of postage stamps.

Is it possible for a foreigner to obtain citizenship of San Marino? It is possible, for example, by marrying a person who already has the citizenship of this country. After 15 years, after marriage, an application for citizenship is submitted. Or use the "simpler" option - to live in San Marino for 30 years! Moreover, the countdown does not start from the moment you enter the country, but after obtaining a residence permit. You will also have to renounce the citizenship of your former country: dual citizenship is not allowed in San Marino.

Despite the fact that San Marino is located inside Italy, the average income of a resident of this country is much higher than that of an Italian.

The official language in San Marino is Italian. But, the Sanmarines themselves do not like very much when they are called Italians. They pride themselves on having their own citizenship and constitution. In 1861, even the President of the United States expressed his respect for this small country, indicating in his letter: "Despite the fact that your country is small, it is one of the most revered in history."

The San Marino national football team began participating in international tournaments thirty years ago - in the late eighties of the last century. True, she did not achieve great success. Throughout its history, San Marino players have won one and only victory, moreover, in a friendly match. This event took place on April 28, 2004, when the players from San Marino were able to score one goal against the Liechtenstein national team.