Interesting facts about Jamaica

The name of the island of Jamaica comes from the word "Xaymaca", which in the language of the Indians means "island of springs".

The island was discovered by the expedition of Christopher Columbus on May 5, 1494. Columbus himself named this island after the Spanish royal couple - Ferdinand and Isabella. But, the name did not catch on.

At the beginning of the 16th century, Columbus once again visited the island and lived here for a whole year. At first, the aborigines supplied the Europeans with food, but gradually they began to do it less and less. Then Columbus decided to teach the local population a lesson. Using the astronomical table, he calculated the time of the next total lunar eclipse and said that the gods were outraged by the behavior of the islanders and would certainly punish them. When the eclipse began, the aborigines in horror rushed to the Europeans to ask for forgiveness.

Jamaica can be proud that Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, was born here. It is he who holds the world record in running 100 meters. Bolt ran this sprint distance in 9.58 seconds. American scientist Ethan Siegel believes that Usain's result will be beaten no earlier than in 30 years.

If a man from Jamaica is the fastest in the world, then women are some of the most beautiful. Three times the natives of this island were recognized as "Miss World". The first among them was Carol Crawford in 1963. Her path to success was not easy - Carol was not very tall and the jury did not want to allow her to participate in the competition.

Back in the 17th century, Jamaica became the "sugar" colony of England, there were huge sugar cane plantations. That is why Jamaica has become one of the world's centers for the production of rum - a strong alcoholic drink made from cane syrup. Jamaican rum is very popular all over the world, and its recipe is kept in the strictest confidence.

The pennant-tailed hummingbird, a small bird weighing only 5-7 g, is the national symbol of Jamaica, it is not found anywhere else.

Jamaica is a country with a warm climate, but this does not prevent the local athletes from regularly participating in the Winter Olympics since 1988. True, without much success, not a single medal was won. But the Jamaican bobsledders, though they did not achieve big victories, but became the heroes of the film "Steep turns."

Jamaica has about 70 official beaches. One of the most famous is the Alligator Pond (Alligator Pond). But, contrary to the name, no alligators are found here. It's just that the surrounding hills are very similar to their backs.

In 1998, the Jamaican football team lost to Argentina in the world championship with a score of 0: 5. Soon the Russian rock group Chaif ​​performed a song dedicated to this event. But one should not think that the Jamaica national team is so hopeless - in 2007 the team won silver medals at the prestigious Pan American Games, losing in the final to rivals from Ecuador.

Since 2013, Russian citizens can stay in Jamaica for up to 30 days without a visa. You can freely import the currency of any country here, but the export of the national currency, the Jamaican dollar, is strictly prohibited.