What is prohibited in the UK

In Great Britain there are a huge number of bans, sometimes the strangest and most ridiculous, with a long history. Here are just a few of them.

It is strictly forbidden to die in the English Parliament building. However, this prohibition has an explanation: a person who died in Westminster Palace must be buried with royal honors, and at the same time at public expense. So the state is trying to avoid such expenses.

In addition, it is not allowed to enter the parliament building in iron armor. Since 1693, smoking has been prohibited at parliamentary sessions. However, snuff is allowed and snuff boxes are specially placed at the entrance. But, few use it.

Parliamentarians are prohibited from insulting each other. The offender can be suspended from participation in meetings for a long time.

There are currently about 19, 000 taxis on the streets of London. But not everyone can use this type of transport. For example, it is strictly forbidden for a person with the plague to get into a taxi.

It is forbidden to kill Scots in the city of York. True, the ban does not apply if the Scotsman is armed with a bow and arrow.

In Liverpool, women are not allowed to appear in public with topless. An exception is made only for those who work as a seller in a tropical fish store.

In Scotland, a person who has asked permission to use the toilet in someone else's house cannot be refused.

Raisin pies, which are a traditional Christmas dessert in England, are not allowed to be consumed on Christmas Day. This ban was introduced by Thomas Cromwell in the 16th century. Cromwell believed that eating goodies is a sin. However, the majority of the British admit that they regularly violate the decree of five hundred years ago.

Be very careful when applying a stamp to an envelope. If the stamp with the image of the British monarch is glued upside down, it will amount to high treason.

In 1836, a law was passed in Great Britain prohibiting the registration of marriages at night. This ban was lifted only in 2012. True, impartial statistics claim that night marriages are most often destroyed.

In 1867, the driving of cattle through the streets of the city was banned in London. There are hardly any livestock breeders in the capital of England, but the ban has not been lifted to this day.