Interesting facts about the American flag

Interestingly the United States flag is the third oldest national symbol in the world; older than Union Jack in Great Britain or Tricolor in France. The flag was first authorized by Congress on June 14, 1777. This date is celebrated as Flag Day across America. It was raised for the first time after the Battle of Oriskani, on August 6, 1777. Initially, the American flag had 13 stripes and 13 stars according to the number of colonies that won the War of Independence, and now there are 50 (colonies). A new star is added to the flag on July 4th after the new state joins the union. In 1818, Congress decided that the number of stripes should be reduced and limited from now on to thirteen in honor of the first thirteen states, while the stars on the flag should be added when a new state was added. This law still exists today. Interesting Fact, the American flag is prohibited: Lowered as a sign of respect for a person or object; send it canton downward, except for sending a distress signal; place the flag so that it touches anything located under it; carry the flagpole horizontally (only at an angle); fix and display the flag in such a way that it can be damaged or stained; write and draw anything on the flag; wrap anything in a flag; use as clothing, bed linen and draperies, use in a suit or on a sports uniform (aha, robes with the American flag from the Chinese for grabbing) use the flag for advertising and promotion of goods; print its image on napkins, boxes and other disposable items.

As a protest against something, residents of the United States often burn the American flag, an interesting fact this right is guaranteed to them by the constitution.

Source: Wikipedia