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  1. Where the word "pumpkin" came to our language, no one can say for sure. The Soviet linguist L. V Uspensky put forward a version that it comes from the Proto-Slavic "tuk", which means "fat". Perhaps this is the case, because pumpkin fruits can reach gigantic proportions. But, there is another assumption - this is a strongly modified Greek word "sikuos", translated into Russian - "cucumber".
  2. The homeland of the pumpkin is Mexico. In this country, archaeologists have found pumpkin seeds that are 7, 000 years old. After the discovery of America, the pumpkin quickly spread throughout Europe, as it easily adapted to the local climate. No wonder, in the fairy tale by C. Perrault "Cinderella" the fairy turns her into a carriage: the pumpkin was a popular food among the poor and was available in every home.
  3. There are a huge number of pumpkin varieties in the world today, but not all of them are suitable for human consumption. Many gardeners are engaged in breeding ornamental species, and even wild-growing pumpkin is found in America, Asia and Africa. There is also an assumption that the pumpkin appeared not only in America, some species came from Africa. The only continent where pumpkin does not grow is Antarctica.
  4. It turns out that the pumpkin even has its own capital - the American city of Morton, which is located in the state of Illinois. Pumpkin festivals are regularly held here, where you can see and taste the best and most delicious varieties.
  5. Belgian farmer Matthias Willemans in 20016 got into the famous Guinness Book of Records. He received this honor for growing a pumpkin in his field, the weight of which was more than a ton - 1190, 5. The farmer himself admitted that he was able to set this record with the help of a huge amount of fertilizers.
  6. Pumpkin throwing competitions have been held in the US state of Delaware for decades. Moreover, the participants in these competitions are required not so much physical capabilities as engineering. The pumpkin is sent flying using a variety of throwing machines made by the athletes themselves. For example, in 2004 a catapult called "Old Glory" launched a fetus at 1, 287 meters.
  7. The largest pumpkin pie ever baked in the USA. The diameter of this giant was one and a half meters. It took only 3 kg of pumpkins. And besides her - 144 eggs and half a kilogram of sugar. The cake was baked for six hours.
  8. In Russia, the first mention of pumpkin dates back to the 16th century. Probably, merchants from Europe brought it to us, where the pumpkin appeared a little earlier. In a short time, the pumpkin became so popular that it became impossible to imagine a garden without it. Even in the Russian climate, which is far from the hottest, the pumpkin gave excellent yields. And in Russian cuisine, a huge number of dishes have appeared, which include pumpkin.
  9. The Hindus use pumpkin to catch monkeys with great success. Everything is done very simply - a small hole is cut in the pumpkin, where a handful of rice is poured. And then the whole thing is in the natural greed and curiosity of the monkeys: the animal launches its paw inside and grabs the rice. But, clenched into a fist, the paw does not go back. The monkey is more likely to become a hunter's prey than to part with a handful of rice.