Tomato - half-tomato and half-potato

We used to use only body care products or 2 in 1 coffee, now you might think about why not using 2 in 1 hybrid plants. The first in this area were the British who invented a super plant from which you can simultaneously collect harvest of tomatoes and potatoes, called "TomTato".

The horticultural company Thompson & Morgan, England, has been developing hybrid plants for decades. One of them is “Pomidofel”, on which cherry tomatoes and potatoes grow at the same time. According to the British company, the plant was developed naturally, by grafting, and not by genetic modification in laboratories. The hybrid breeding process lasted three years until the results were considered successful. Thompson & Morgan can currently grow up to 34, 000 plants per year for sale. The hybrid's creator announced that this is the first time in history that a hybrid plant has been grown for sale on a large scale.

Plants are planted in warm conditions when there is no risk of frost. They should be hardened gradually, over 7-10 days, and only then transplanted into open ground. For growing at home, you need to choose a deep container, with a volume of at least 40 kilograms and a diameter of at least 50 cm. For the good development of both crops, a large container is required. Due to the plant's rapid growth, it needs to be tied up regularly.

The grower of the plant claims that tomatoes can be harvested at the same time as potatoes. Unlike other hybrid plants, Pomidofel grows both aromatic and sweet cherry tomatoes (about 500 pieces / plant) and delicious white potatoes at the same time. One unit of newly hatched plant will cost around £ 15.

In fact, the idea of ​​such hybridization is not new, and the implementation is quite simple. Back in 1936, an article by pensioner NV Brusentsov was published in the Yarovization magazine, who said that he had the idea of ​​planting tomato on potatoes, which he successfully implemented. The graft of a tomato has grown a lot and has grown more than a meter. He named the resulting "vegetative hybrid" "Dwarf Brusentsov". In 1937 he continued his experiments and grafted Serebryanka Brusentsova potatoes onto the Dwarf Brusentsova tomato variety, after which Brusentsov grafted a third tier tomato of the Humbert variety onto the potato scion. Later Brusentsov's "vegetative hybrid" was exhibited at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow and made a great impression on Academician T. D. Lysenko.

And not so long ago, in 2015, Russian schoolchildren in Yamal, having read the news about TomTato, in a school greenhouse independently received the same plant, which they called "Pomitoshka".