Interesting facts about flowers

More than 4000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians, who first thought of this, began to grow flowers.

The cultivation of gardens and floriculture in the Middle Ages was an honorable business. People who showed disrespect for this work were severely punished: the destroyer of a flower garden or garden was chained to a pillory, they could burn his toes or, like a thief, chop off his hand, and then they were forever expelled from their native lands.

Before the advent of modern material, sunflower stalks were used in life jackets.

An ancient Arab legend about a bright yellow color. In 612, Mohammed began a war against the Israelites, at which time he left his wife Aishan at home. She dated a young man while her husband was not around. Mohammed was told about his wife's betrayal, but he did not believe it. Then people advised to give her red roses if they turn yellow - Aishan is wrong. Mohammed gave his wife roses, she was touched and, in order to keep the flowers fresh longer, lowered them into a pond for the night. The roses turned yellow the next morning. Since then, the bright yellow color has symbolized infidelity.

According to an ancient legend, the carnation first sprouted on Calvary, in the place where the tears of the Mother of God fell when she looked at the sufferings of her Son on the Cross.

Arabidopsis is the first plant to flower and seed in space in the absence of gravity. The life cycle of this plant is only 40 days. An Arabidopsis specimen was grown in 1982 aboard the Russian space station Salyut-7

Dahlias are a sign of respect and friendship. They are named after the Russian navigator George, who gave the king an unknown flower.

Forget-me-not grows almost everywhere and everywhere it has the same name: in English forget-me-not, in German - Vergimeinnicht, in French - ne-m'oubliez-pas. Forget-me-not grew up, watered with tears by blue-eyed Egle, who was separated from her fiancé, the shepherd boy Likas. The scientific name for forget-me-not is "myosotis", i.e. "mouse ear".

Saffron is the pollen of one of the crocus species. To obtain 1 kg of spice, you need to process 200, 000 flowers.

In Germany, the most venerable rose bush grows near the Hildesheim Cathedral. His age has passed for 1000 years. During this time, the bush was almost equal in height to the cathedral itself.

Rose oil (mostly synthetic) is included in 46% of men's and 98% of women's perfumes. However, of all the variety in perfumery, only two types of roses are used - Damascus and Centifolia.

Prince Charles is paid one daffodil a year as rent for land on his island of Sicily!

The Amazonian giant water lily is the largest aquatic plant. Its leaves reach 2 m, they are able to withstand a child on themselves. Strong ribs under the leaves help keep them afloat.

Rose is the national flower of the USA, England and Iran.

Tulip is a symbol of love, life and immortality. The flower has been known since the time of Confucius. There was a time when there were no tulips in Holland. They were brought there from Turkey in the 16th century. In those days, tulips were worth fabulous money, they were valued higher than many metals and precious stones. One tulip bulb cost over two thousand dollars! The tulip is one of the fastest growing plant species. For a day, he can grow by an average of 2 cm.

The longest roots are found in the wild ficus from South Africa. They reached 120 m

Karl Linnaeus took advantage of flowers' ability to "navigate in time" by creating the world's first flower clock in Uppsala, Sweden in 1720. The dial of this unusual watch consisted of several sectors, in each of which flowers of a certain type grew. With the help of such a clock, it was possible to determine the time quite accurately (with a difference of half an hour). But the watch worked only in sunny weather - on cloudy days the corollas of flowers sometimes do not open at all.

The chrysanthemum is featured on Japanese weapons and flags. The Japanese also dedicated a national festival to this flower (September 9th).

The largest orchid in the world can reach 20 m in length.

Poppy is a symbol of fertility. Dedicated to the god of sleep. Morpheus, according to read, puts people to sleep by touching them with a poppy flower. Poppy is a flower of dreams.

The ancient Greeks considered the violet to be an indispensable attribute of the holidays, as well as an adornment of their own homes and statues of gods. The Gauls revered the flower as a symbol of innocence, modesty and virginity and sprinkled it on the bed of the newlyweds. The French competed in the Toulouse poetry tournaments, where one of the highest awards was a golden violet.

Peony owes its name to the legendary physician Peon, who healed gods and people from wounds received in battles. In China, the flower is considered national, magical properties are attributed to it. It is believed that evil spirits cannot stand even the image of a peony.

Apples, cherries, peaches, apricots belong to the Rosaceae family.

Attempts by Karl Linnaeus to describe the orchid family, which was huge, prompted Charles Darwin to think about general evolution.

The smallest flowering plant in the world is the floating duckweed wolfia arrhiza. The size of its leaves is only 0.5-1.2 mm.

In France in the XIII century, ladies wore wreaths of roses, which were called "chapel", and their creators were called "chapel". In all likelihood, these wreaths are the origin of the French word "chapo", which means "hat" in translation.

People who regularly inhale the scent of roses are benevolent, unobtrusive, sympathetic to those around them, and have a light and even aura.

The Japanese value fruit trees for their flowers, not for their fruit. Most of the flowers loved by the Japanese have no scent, so they are admired, not smelled.

From the flowers of the delphinium in the Middle Ages, doctors made lotions for fractures. It was believed that it aids in the fusion of bones. It was also believed that the blue color of the delphinium perfectly helps with tired eyes, so the walls of the room where the women were embroidering behind the hoops were decorated with flowers.

It is known that plants react to humans like living beings. Scientists conducted an experiment: one person tore leaves from a flower, another looked after him. The instruments recorded that the plant reacted differently to these people.

Some flowers are edible. Salads are made from dandelions, the main thing is to soak them to get rid of the bitterness. Chicory replaces coffee. Salads are made from chrysanthemum flowers. The lotus root is used for making flour and soup.

The plant Puya raimondii is found only in the mountains of South America, blooms only once - when it turns one and a half hundred years old. After this flowering, it immediately withers.

The Greek word ballo means to throw. Therefore, a whole group of plants, for their ability to throw and shoot their seeds, are called ballistas.