The secret of the magic fountain

The Magic Tap Fountain is an unusual fountain in the form of a water tap hanging in the air, which is located in the city of Cadiz in southwestern Spain. People who first see a hovering tap from which water flows in a noisy stream are wildly delighted. The secret of the famous landmark of Cadiz is very simple: a translucent water pipe is hidden under the stream of water flowing from a hanging tap. It is through it that water is supplied to the fountain and the structure itself is held. The pipe hidden behind the streams of water pouring down from the fountain creates the illusion of a crane hovering a few meters above the ground.

It is worth noting that "floating in the air" fountains are not so rare. There are similar taps in the Aquapark in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, in Zurich, in Canada, in Russia - in Lazorevsky on the Black Sea coast, in Ukraine - in Kiev in front of the entrance to the Passage on Khreshchatyk and in Donetsk in the Sherbakov park. And maybe somewhere else.