Chizhik-fawn, where have you been?

In St. Petersburg, on the Fontanka River, next to the First Inzhenerny Bridge, opposite the house number 12/1, there is a monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik. Not far from the monument to this bird, in house number 6 on the Fontanka embankment, the Imperial School of Jurisprudence was located from 1835 to 1918. Students of the school were distinguished by green uniforms with yellow buttonholes and cuffs. It is believed that the students were nicknamed "siskins-fawn", since the colors of their uniforms resembled the plumage of a siskin, and the students had traditional fawn hats on their heads. The famous song was composed about these students:

Chizhik-fawn, where have you been?

I drank vodka on the Fontanka.

Drank a glass, drank two -

Spun in my head.

It is believed that the students, dressed in civilian suits, went to the nearest tavern to drink vodka. This is how this song was born.

And the idea to create a monument to Chizhik-Pyzhik in 1994 was proposed by the writer Andrey Bitov during the festival of satire and humor "Golden Ostap". And the Georgian scriptwriter, director and sculptor Rezo Gabriadze, together with the architect Vyacheslav Bukhaev, embodied this idea.