Interesting facts about the Kaaba temple

The small cube-shaped building known as Kaba (or Kaaba) is located in Mecca and is one of the greatest Muslim relics. It stood at the time of the Prophet Muhammad more than 1400 years ago. Kaba in Arabic means revered place. The word "Kaba" can also be derived from the word "cube". The internal dimensions of the Kaba are 13 x 9 meters and the stone walls are one meter wide. Interestingly there are no windows in this building. The temple was built and rebuilt by the Prophets Adam, Ibrahim, Ismail and Muhammad. That is why it means so much to Muslims.

Historians believe that this temple was restored and rebuilt from 5 to 12 times. The very first construction of Cab was carried out by Adam. The Qur'an says that this was the first house that a man built to worship Allah.

In the north-eastern corner of Kaaba there is an artifact "black stone", which allegedly fell directly from the sky and was white as snow, but gradually turned black due to the sins of mankind. It is called "Hajre Aswad" from the Sanskrit word Sanghey Ashweta or Colored Stone. Interesting fact, the Hindus call this the phallus of Shiva.