The most expensive hotel in the world

Burj Al Arab is one of the most expensive hotels in the world for the cost of living. Room rates start from $ 1, 000 and increase to over $ 15, 000 per night. The royal suite is the most expensive and costs $ 28, 000 per night. Despite its size, the hotel contains only 28 double floors and 202 rooms. The smallest room at Burj Al Arab occupies an area of ​​169 square meters, and the largest is 780 square meters. An interesting fact is that the territory of the hotel is located on an artificial island at a distance of 280 meters from the coast. To provide the foundation, the builders drove 230 piles, 40 meters long, into the sand. It took three years to take the land from the sea, and another three years to build the building. The building was constructed using over 70, 000 cubic meters of concrete and 9, 000 tons of steel. The total cost of building the hotel was $ 650 million. The most interesting thing is that it is the tallest hotel in the world built on water and the first 5-star hotel to reach a height of 305 meters. The hotel has a 24-meter wide helipad located 210 meters above the ground.