Unusual inventions for lonely people

Most of these devices were created in Japan, where loneliness and isolation are perhaps the most pressing problems in society.

"Girlfriend coat" for single men.

A team of Japanese students has invented a coat designed for single young people looking for their soul mate.

Called Riajyuu (Replenishment Coat), the coat mimics the embrace of a sweetheart thanks to robotic "arms" controlled by a motor using a USB connection that make it feel like the girl behind her is wrapping her arms around you.

To make the sensations even more realistic, headphones are included with the coat, in which the sound of the steps of a girlfriend running up from behind and the recorded phrases: "Sorry, I'm late!", "Turn around!" or "Guess who it is?"

All this is done so that when the owner of the coat feels lonely and urgently needs a hug, albeit not real, he could just close his eyes and imagine that he is being hugged by a loved one.

Kissenger is a device that transmits kisses from a distance.

This robot is a ball with artificial "lips". It is able to transmit lip movements from one partner to another over the Internet, allowing you to kiss, even if you are separated by a huge distance.

Hugvie is a pillow phone.

Japanese invention created at Osaka University. It is a hug pillow that connects to the phone, giving a human aspect to conversations. It is equipped with heartbeats and vibrations to simulate the proximity of another person.

Like-A-Hug - hug vest.

This vest is specially designed for social media lovers. He will hug you every time someone "like" on Facebook.