Interesting facts about the metro

Interesting facts "Technology" Interesting facts about the metro

  • Do you know why the underground (metro) is called the underground railway in many countries? This word comes from the name of the company "Metropolitan Railways" (English Capital Railways), which built the first underground line in London in 1863.
  • Slightly more than a hundred cities in the world can boast of having a subway, and not every continent: for example, in Africa, there are only two subways - in Cairo and Tunisia. And in Australia there are two - in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • The most unvisited metro in the world is located in Kazan. There are only five stations here and you can drive from the final to the final in just 12 minutes, so it is mainly used by tourists, and then they go down in order to look at the luxurious decoration of the stations.
  • There are 7 stations at 9 kilometers of the Yekaterinburg subway. Its construction has been going on for over 22 years due to the bankruptcy of the metro building.
  • The first horse-drawn line of the London Underground was launched in 1863. On November 4, 1890, the world's first subway went into operation in London.
  • 155 million passengers use the subway every day. This is 34 times more than the number of air passengers.
  • If you drive in the Moscow metro towards the city center, the stations will be announced in a male voice, and when moving from the center, in a female voice. On a circular line, a male voice can be heard when moving clockwise and a female voice counterclockwise. This is done for the convenience of orienting blind passengers.
  • The New York City metro consists of two incompatible networks built by different companies.
  • Due to rush hour crowds on the Japanese subway, the first or last car in each train is always "women only" in the morning and evening. For the same reason, the so-called rammers are on duty in the Japanese subway - young strong men who "pack" passengers into carriages during rush hours.
  • 30 metro lines in the world operate without a driver. 75% of the planned lines are automatic.
  • St. Petersburg has the deepest subway in the world. The city was built on a swampy area, so the metro tunnels had to be laid under the bedrock. The tunnels of the St. Petersburg metro run at a depth of about 70-80 meters.
  • 61 suicide attempts occur in a year in the Paris metro. According to global statistics, every 20th suicide is in the subway.
  • Most stations are 468 on the New York subway system, followed by Paris with a large lag of 100 stations.
  • Various fossils are present in the facing of more than twenty Moscow metro stations. There you can find shells of nautilus, ammonites and other prehistoric molluscs.
  • 491, 958 passengers per day pass through the world's busiest Ikebukuro Metro Station in Tokyo.