Interesting facts about irons

Interesting facts "Inventions" Interesting facts about irons

  1. American inventor Henry Seeley received the first patent for an electric iron on June 6, 1882. Inside the iron, he placed a spiral with which it was heated. The first model had a serious flaw, the lack of a temperature regulator. For this reason, things often deteriorated, and the spiral itself quickly burned out. Nevertheless, this was a serious relief for the housewives' work.
  2. In ancient times, a large flat stone was successfully used instead of an iron. He was placed on wet clothes. She dries out under oppression and gets rid of folds. A heavy frying pan was also used, into which hot coals were poured. They often "jumped out" of the pan, burning through the fabric.
  3. In the 18th century, irons made of cast iron appeared. Hot coals were also poured into them, and there were holes on the sides, into which it was necessary to blow in order for the coals to flare up. Some models of such irons reached a weight of 10 kg, therefore, ironing also turned into a good workout.
  4. In those days, the cost of an iron was quite high. Therefore, the iron, like the samovar, was considered a sign of wealth in the house. And in wealthy families there were several irons for different types of fabric. The largest of them weighed several kilograms, and the smallest were half the size of a palm. For wealthy customers, irons were made individually, decorated with copper and silver.
  5. And the poor used a wooden roller and ruble. The linen, after drying, was wound on a roller and rolled out with a ruble. The fabric became soft and smooth. Our ancestors tried to make even a simple ruble beautiful, often decorating it with intricate carvings.
  6. In Russia, the "birthday" of the iron is February 10, 1636. At this time, Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich ruled, and an iron was first mentioned in the book of expenses of the royal court. The blacksmith Ivashka Trofimov was paid 5 altyns for making an iron iron in the queen's chamber.
  7. In Poland, the production of cast iron irons has survived to this day. It is interesting that in the 21st century they are popular too, therefore, they are produced in large quantities.
  8. In the 19th century, gas irons appeared, which were connected by a tube to a gas cylinder. Irons were more comfortable than coal ones, but explosive. Gas leaks often led to dire consequences.
  9. It is customary for clients to iron newspapers and magazines in luxury London hotels. This is to prevent ink stains on your hands.
  10. Antique irons are welcome items in many museums. And in the city of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky in 2002, a separate Museum of the Iron was opened, in the collection of which there are more than 200 pieces of various times and models. The Museum regularly hosts the Iron Festival. And the largest such museum is located in France. It contains over 4, 000 rare exhibits.
  11. Ironing is a monotonous and tedious task. Therefore, in 1868 musical irons went on sale. During ironing, they played a pleasant melody, at least a little brightening up the work of a seamstress and a laundress. The production of such irons lasted for over 50 years.