Interesting facts about laces

Although the semblance of laces was used in antiquity, for example, to securely hold sandals or in shoes such as moccasins on the foot, they gained popularity only at the beginning of the 20th century.

The most interesting thing is that it is still unknown who invented the laces. But we know the date of their birth - March 27, 1790. It was then that in a distant country of England, the first lace-like shoe lace was released. But before the advent of this invention, all shoes were fastened with buckles.

The plastic tip of the lace to make it easier to thread the laces into the shoes and to prevent the ends of the laces from unraveling is called an egglet or a cap.

In theory, there are nearly 2 trillion possible shoe laces with 12 pairs of holes.

The most expensive shoe laces, worth $ 19, 000 per pair, were made from gold threads by designer Colin Hart and produced in only 10 pieces.

The catch phrase "Shoelaces in a glass" means in teenage slang that the parents are at home.

But the creative Colombian artist Federico Uribe uses laces to make surreal paintings from the Shoe Laces series.

Designer Alexei Chugunnikov has developed sneakers with special heated laces that can keep a whole pair of shoes warm.

White laces in the skinhead subculture can only be worn by those participants who have killed at least one representative of the non-Aryan race.