Interesting facts about bicycles

Interestingly that bicycle is a French word that has come into use since the 1860s. However, the first bicycle was invented in Germany in 1817. It had a wooden frame and no pedals, which caused the riders' boots to wear out very quickly. This problem was solved by a French mechanic who added a foot drive to the bike, creating the foundation of the classic bike.

Early models were imperfect and were called "bone shakes". To eliminate the defect, the bicycles had to be equipped with molded rubber tires.

At first, bicycles had a disproportionately large front wheel with a pedal drive and a small rear wheel for support, it was quite difficult to ride such giants and fall high.

The golden age of bicycles began in the 1890s. The new designs had the same wheel size, the rear chain drive increased speed, and mass production lowered the cost. And bicycles began to be bought like hotcakes.

The age of cheap bicycles has given women mobility and independence. Interesting Fact Even women's fashion in the early twentieth century was focused on clothing that was practical and comfortable for cycling.

Over time, all of this has led to the development of various models such as racing, mountain and freestyle bikes. Despite the computer age, the fashion for bicycles has not passed for the second century.