Why clink glasses

Surely, if you ask people if they know where this tradition of clinking glasses came from, many will give a negative answer. It will not be superfluous to once again highlight the history of this most interesting ritual.

Its roots go back to the distant past. Oddly enough, the custom of clinking glasses originated in a noble society. Even in those days, when palace intrigues were woven and poison was poured into the bowls and goblets of the enemies. In order to demonstrate their trust in guests and others, containers with alcohol were brought to each other and hit hard, they touched and drops of poured wine poured from glass to glass. In the old days, it was believed that if a person refuses to clink glasses with glasses, then he immediately falls into the number of blood enemies. Now it may seem wild to someone, but in ancient times, great attention was paid to such things.

It is also important to say about the superstition of such a ritual. It was believed that crystal glasses, emitting a loud ringing, scare away evil spirits and the devil. In the European part of the Eurasian continent, beer fans still cross and clink glasses quite loudly, even though they are holding simple glass glasses. And in African countries, before drinking a glass, bells ring in order to drive away evil spirits.

The pronunciation of various toasts also has a lot to do with the chinking tradition. For example, how not to clink glasses to the toast "To health!" It is interesting that drinking to people's health is associated with the ancient tradition of “sacrifice to the gods”.

Some features of clinking among the Chinese people. In the east, it happens something like this: a Chinese, who is higher in his social status, puts his glass higher, but if he wants to show his respect and disposition for his partner, then he will allow the glasses to be put on the same level, or he will completely lower his glass. The Chinese hold the glasses with both hands, thereby also showing signs of respect to those with whom they drink.

The Swiss have their own tradition, before clinking glasses, they look into each other's eyes and respectfully pronounce the names of those with whom they are going to have a drink, and only after that they raise their glasses, clink glasses and drink.

At present, the echoes of the traditions of different peoples continue to exist, just few people know their meaning. People gather in cheerful companies, drink to health, success, luck and just have a good time. Most importantly, no one wants to pour poison into their glasses anymore, so even if someone does not want to hit your glass, do not think about the bad, everyone has their own prejudices.