The most unusual New Year records

Interesting facts "Most-most" The most unusual New Year records

  1. The Christmas tree is an invariable New Year's attribute. It is impossible to calculate how many trees are being sold around the world before the holiday. But, it is known for sure who is the world record holder in tree felling. Erin Lavoie from the USA was included in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2008, she cut 27 trees in just 2 minutes, setting an absolute world record.
  2. The inventor of the Olivier salad is considered to be the Frenchman Lucien Olivier, who worked in the famous Moscow tavern "Hermitage" in the 19th century. It is impossible to imagine a New Year's table in Russia without this salad even after a century and a half. Even though its classic recipe has long since changed, the modern salad includes cheaper and more affordable products. And we also have prepared the largest salad "Olivier". It happened in Orenburg in 2012. The total weight of the lettuce was 1841 kg, it took about 5000 eggs, 220 kg of potatoes. It took 200 liters of mayonnaise to fill the giant salad.
  3. Santa Claus must be resilient to deliver all the presents on time. And the fastest and most enduring is the Englishman Paul Simons. In 2009, he ran the classic marathon (42 kilometers 195 meters) dressed as Santa Claus in 2 hours 55 minutes and 50 seconds.
  4. For many years, Canadian collector Jean-Guy Laquerre has been collecting Santa Claus souvenirs. Currently, his collection contains more than 25, 000 exhibits, including 2, 360 statuettes, 2, 846 postcards and even 241 pins.
  5. The biggest snowman was made by the residents of Bethel (USA). The height of the record holder was 37 meters. The giant snowy structure even got the name - Olympia. In honor of Governor Olympia Snow. To roughly imagine the size of the snowman, suffice it to say that two large spruces were used as hands, and the eyelashes were made of skis.
  6. In December, the action "The Longest Letter to Santa Claus" was held in Chelyabinsk. Everyone could write a message on an ordinary sheet of paper, after which they were glued into a single roll. The total length of the letter was 112 meters 66 centimeters. And the world record belongs to schoolchildren from Romania. Together, they wrote the text for 10 days. It turned out 418 meters 30 centimeters.
  7. London children have proven to be more practical. They not only write letters, but also prepare stockings in which Santa Claus puts gifts. It was in London in 2007 that the longest stocking was tied - 32 meters 56 centimeters.
  8. Some New Year's toys become real masterpieces. For example, British jeweler Mark Hussey makes toys that are available to only a few customers. For example, the record cost of one of the master's products was $ 137, 000. The gold ball was decorated with 188 rubies and 1578 diamonds.
  9. And the world's smallest New Year's toy was made by Anatoly Konenko from Omsk. The tiny ball has a diameter of only 1 millimeter. Moreover, there is even a date on it - "2016". But, it can only be viewed through a microscope. Anatoly Konenko took up the job after he learned that the world's largest 17-meter toy was made in Moscow. The microminiaturist decided that even the smallest piece of jewelry should be created in our country.
  10. Scientists from the University of Glasgow have prepared the smallest postcard for the holiday. It was made on a tiny piece of glass using the most modern technology. As a result, it became 8276 times smaller than a standard postcard.
  11. The oldest artificial Christmas tree is in England in the Parker family. The Christmas tree was made in 1886, since then it has been decorated annually for Christmas and New Years. To prove that their tree has the right to bear the title of the oldest in the world, the owners have provided many old photographs of her.
  12. The oldest enterprise in Russia for the production of Christmas tree decorations from glass is located in the city of Klin, near Moscow, where production was opened back in 1848. The first owner of the factory was A.S. Menshikov, the great-grandson of the favorite of Peter the Great. In the middle of the 19th century, he received permission to build a glass factory, which was located on the Aleksandrovo estate near Klin. Now the only Museum of Christmas tree toys in our country operates here.
  13. What's the most popular New Year's drink? It would seem that the answer is obvious - champagne. But the statistics, which, in the opinion of Ilf and Petrov, "know everything", asserts that beer is the record holder. It is he who is most used on New Year's holidays. Champagne is in second place, in third - wine.
  14. The most crowded New Year's party took place in 2008 in Rio de Janeiro. About 4 million people gathered on Copacabana Beach. The holiday was celebrated on a Brazilian scale, despite the fact that the city was 35 degrees hot that day. New Year's fireworks lasted about 20 minutes. In the surrounding areas, it was even necessary to completely block traffic.