The most unusual competitions

As you know, the inhabitants of Finland are big lovers of steam in the sauna. They even made this addiction a national sport. The rules are quite strict: 4 people each enter the steam room, where the temperature is 110 degrees Celsius. The referees regularly “give in to the heat”, which causes the temperature to rise. The challenge for the participants is to sit for as long as possible. The last participant left in the sauna is declared the winner.

Eating a hot hot dog is certainly not easy. But swallowing 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes seems completely unrealistic. But not for the American Joey Chesnut. It was such a record that he set in 2009 at the hot dog speed eating tournament.

Who among us in childhood did not throw a flat pebble in the water, counting - how many times it will slap on the water surface? No one would have thought that even in this simple occupation one could become a champion. And such tournaments are held, moreover, this sport even has its own name - stone skipping. And the world record holder is Byers Stone. After his throw, the pebble jumped 51 times. Byers himself claims that he is not puzzled by anything other than this occupation - the prize money for victories and awards from sponsors are enough for him for a comfortable existence.

The British are very fond of arguing on any occasion. Once, two farmers decided to find out - who has higher nettles on the plot? The loser had to eat the longest stems. They could not even imagine that this would become a reason for holding a nettle eating competition. The rules are as follows: participants are given one hour during which they try to eat as much raw nettles as possible. This dish of dubious taste is allowed to be washed down with water or beer. And the world record holder managed to swallow as much as 34 kilograms of nettles in the allotted time.

Women need to be carried. But, you can still do it in order to become a champion. In Finland, they not only take a steam bath, but also hold tournaments for speed transfer of wives. Participants need to walk a 250-meter track with obstacles. It should be noted that a miniature wife does not give an advantage: women are weighed before the competition, if her weight is less than 49 kg, then weights are used.

According to statistics, about 2.5 billion do not have the opportunity to use toilet bowls. But, in developed countries, not familiar with such problems, they even hold tournaments for throwing these plumbing items. And in our country they found a more economical type of competition: in the Perm Territory, they organize championships in throwing dry cow "cakes". The best athletes send this unusual projectile up to 46 meters.

Does anyone love annoying mosquitoes? In Italy, your hatred for them can be fully shown. After all, there are championships for the destruction of these bloodsuckers. You are given 10 minutes for this, after which you need to present the corpses of the destroyed insects to the judges. By the way, the best participants make good money on this: three prize-winners receive 10 euros for each destroyed mosquito.