The largest turban in the world

Sikh (religion) Singh Mouni (name is) from India - the owner of the largest turban in the world. The huge headdress of a devout Sikh is 645 meters of fabric with decorations and talismans weighing 45 kg. Turban owner Singh took 16 years to put together this unusual headdress, and it takes six hours to put it on. And after that, you think you have problems getting ready for work in the morning?

Most followers of Sikhism wear turbans, but of a more comfortable length - from five to seven meters. But Singh decided to go for the record, according to him only fabrics weigh 30 kg, and jewelry - the remaining 15 kg. In addition to the turban, he also wears a sword and heavy bracelets weighing almost 40 kg.

Singh Mauni himself does not feel any discomfort from wearing a turban and believes that by his act he attracts young people to maintain ancient traditions. By the way, because of the size of the headgear, the Sikhs have to use a motorcycle, since it simply cannot fit into cars with its dimensions.