The Medal for Drunkenness is the Hardest Award in History

Do you know what an original way to combat drunkenness was invented by the Russian Tsar Peter I? As you know, the tsar-reformer condemned drunkenness, and in 1714 he figured out how to deal with this problem: from now on, alcoholics were given ... a medal.

The Medal "For Drunkenness" is a cast-iron medal introduced by Peter I in 1714 with the aim of fighting against drunkenness. The weight of the medal is 6.8 kg (17 lbs) excluding chains. It is considered the heaviest medal in history. She was hung around her neck in a police station as punishment for excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and was attached with a chain so that it could not be removed. According to some reports, the medal was to be worn for a week.

By the way, the tsar himself was not a fool to drink, so that there was always someone to "hum" with, he organized the Most Hearing, Most Drunken and Maddened Cathedral - a clownish organization for entertainment events.