The smartest woman in the world

The highest IQ in the world was recorded in 1956. At the age of ten, American Marilyn vos Savant showed a result of 228 units. Already in adulthood, Marilyn passed a similar test, and the result was 224 units.

On the paternal side, Marilyn is a descendant of Ernst Mach, a famous physicist and Austrian philosopher. She did not complete her higher education. Having entered the University of Washington in St. Louis, she soon stopped her studies to help the family (as her father said, "the university is a place where you can study a profession, but you cannot develop intelligence").

Robert Jarvik, Marilyn's husband, is the scientist who created the artificial heart. His IQ is 180 units. They have an adult son. His IQ is 164 units. The family lives in New York. Marilyn is the CFO of Jarvik Heart, a heart disease research company.

Marilyn claims that 40-60% of intelligence is inherited. According to her, intelligence can be increased through proper nutrition by an average of 20%.

When Marilyn was asked what the mind is, she replied that the essence of the mind is the ability to seek the truth without succumbing to social, religious, family and other prejudices. For this, the woman believes, emotional stability and courage are needed. She is considered an intellectual, a genius, because Marilyn evaluates events with an objective, icy look. Marilyn considers painting, sculpture and other visual arts not to be creativity, but only to express emotions, and they, in her opinion, have nothing to do with intelligence. Disciplines objectively related to intelligence - nuclear physics and mathematics - asserted by vos Savant.

It is impossible to accurately determine a high IQ, because there are very few values ​​like Marilyn vos Savant. With different techniques, we will get different results. For example, according to the Stanford-Binet test, Marilyn's result is 228 units, while according to the so-called Mega test - only 186 units. This is because these tests have different scales. The first shows the absolute value of the IQ, and the second shows the deviation from the mean.