What is the Livermore light bulb known for?

This light is on at the fire station in Livermore, California.

The Livermore light bulb was first installed in his workplace back in 1901. Wars, revolutions, world crises rolled over the world, and she was still shining and shining. First, she illuminated the shed where the horse-drawn carriages of the firemen were stationed. Then she was moved several times from one fire station to another. She can currently be seen at the fire station at 4550 East Avenue.

The unusually long lifespan has not only turned the lamp into a local landmark, but also allowed it to take its place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest and best-performing lamp in the world.

The list of evidence that the Livermore lamp is indeed such a long-liver cites the local newspaper archives. In addition, the lamp was investigated by engineers at General Electric. In the 1970s, the lamp appeared on the television show 'On the Road with Charles Kurault'.

The lamp was produced by the Shelby Electric Company, which disappeared in 1912 after being taken over by the General Electric Corporation. The lamp body was handcrafted by artisan glassblowers and the filament was made from carbon. The approximate power of a light bulb is only 4 watts. It is currently used for night lighting in the fire engine garage.

The lamp is dedicated to its own offsite, where it can even be viewed through live cameras.

Technologically, there is nothing unusual about the miracle of the Livermore eternal lamp. Other long-lived lamps are also known in the world. So, in the Guinness Book of Records published in 1970, a worker from a store in New York, made in 1912, was mentioned. At the moment, her fate is, however, unknown. But the Livermore Lightbulb is overseen by a whole public committee, which is called the Livermore Lightbulb Centennial Committee. The committee plans to keep the lamp working as long as possible. So, perhaps, she will still overexpose all of us.

An ordinary light bulb only lasts about 1000 hours.