The longest word in Russian

In the Russian language, there are no restrictions on the number of prefixes "pra-" in terms of kinship, therefore, theoretically, the number of prefixes can be infinite, and the word formed by them is the largest.

The names of chemicals, which are structured according to certain principles, can reach enormous lengths. One of the names that claims to be the longest word in the Russian language - nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate hydrin (participates in plant photosynthesis) - contains 40 letters.

Tetrahydropyranylcyclopentyltetrahydropyridopyridine is a 55-letter word describing a substance according to RF patent No. 2285004.

Words that convey values ​​of quantities can be long. Instead of the stem "-years" in them, the stems "-kilogram", "-millimeter", "-millisecond", etc. can be used. According to this principle, words can be composed that reach the greatest length, for example:

thousand nine hundred eighty nine mm (46 letters).

In the Guinness Book of Records in 1993, the longest word in the Russian language is called X-ray electrocardiographic (33 letters), in the 2003 edition - highly discerning (35 letters). These examples show that different criteria were used: the first "word" is the genitive word form, the second is the lexeme in the dictionary form (the word form in the genitive case is longer than the dictionary form per letter). In addition, it is not indicated in which dictionary or corpus of texts these "words" are the longest (the first is a highly specialized technical term similar to it: enterohematohepatohematopulmoenteral (42 letters), and the second is a sample of the office of the 18th-19th centuries). Thus, these sections of the Guinness Book of Records are subjective in nature, which is why it is problematic to identify the truth of the records.

Source: Wikipedia